Do you need your vent cleaned?
  • Do your clothes come out of the dryer damp and have to be put through another cycle?
  • Do your clothes take longer than you think they should to dry?
  • Does your dryer turn off before your clothes are dry?
  • Is there excessive moisture in your laundry area?
  • Is the dryer getting too hot?
  • Have you been thinking you may need a new dryer?
  • Do you have a very high energy bill?

If you have any of these problems, it is likely that your dryer isn’t the problem. The problem is your dryer vent, which, over time, fills with lint and prevents the free flow of air, which helps your clothes dry efficiently.

Proper venting equals maximum performance
Your vent can actually become totally blocked by lint buildup. This prevents the heat and moisture from escaping the dryer, and your clothes won’t dry.
If this is your problem, you need Vent and Duct Solutions.

You will see an immediate improvement. Your clothes will dry more efficiently and you will save energy and money!

Dryer Vent Replacement

Many homes have plastic dryer vents that do not conform to the current Building Codes. These plastic vents are unsafe and inefficient. Plastic allows moisture to develop inside the vent, which makes the lint adhere to the sides of the vent, causing lint buildup and eventually clogs the vent. A clogged vent will cause your dryer to overheat, possibly causing damage to the dryer and to your clothes. If moisture cannot escape, your clothes will not dry, even though the dryer is producing higher temperatures. Or, if you dryer vent is too long it may need to be rerouted to reduce lint buildup and blockages.  Sometimes dryer vents even come apart under your house and are venting into your crawlspace.  This would need to be repaired.

Plastic also has another major problem. IT BURNS!

  • Plastic vents cannot be cleaned. They must be replaced.
  • If you are selling your home, these outdated vents will have to be replaced before your home can pass an inspection.
  • If you purchase a new clothes dryer and want it installed, reputable companies will not connect a dryer to plastic vents.
  • If you have metal vents, but they were originally installed in a way that prevents them from venting properly, (like straight up two stories through your roof, or a long expanse with too many twists and turns), you may need to have them rerouted to make a shorter, more efficient venting possible.
  • If you have old corrugated plastic vents, Vent and Duct Solutions can replace them for you using smooth bore metal pipes which offer the least resistance and will bring your venting system up to code, as well as making it safer and more efficient. If you have metal vents but your system is not working efficiently, Vent and Duct Solutions can look at your current system to determine if a rerouting of the pipes will make your system more efficient.

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