This Apex, NC home dryer needs regular dryer vent cleaningDryer Vent Cleaning & Repair for the Apex, NC Area

Vent and Duct Solutions is a locally owned business. We operate out of Apex, North Carolina. We service Raleigh and all surrounding towns. John Parsons is the owner and operator. When you call Vent and Duct solutions, you will speak to John. If he is busy on a job and unable to answer your call, he will always call you back at his earliest convenience, usually within the hour. Our goal is to provide our community with an affordable, satisfying solution to all dryer vent problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use our service?
• Single family homes
• Condominiums
• Townhouses
• Apartments
• Any business that uses a clothes dryer —Day care centers, schools, physical therapy offices, animal hospitals, hair dressers, etc.

"The more you use your dryer, the more you need our service."

Do you charge for an estimate?
Just call us for a free estimate.   

Will it take long to do the job?
Most cleanings can be completed in less than two hours. Replacement of plastic vents can take up to four hours or more. We will work with you to chose a time that is most convenient.

Is safety really an issue?
Yes, most definitely. I was once told by a customer that her son’s Boy Scout Troop saved dryer lint to take with them on their camp-outs to use to start their campfires! Dryer lint, small bits of paper, even birds' nests and small animals that have entered the vent and gotten stuck can cause a blockage that will cause your dryer to overheat and possibly ignite the very combustible lint buildup. This takes place inside your walls or crawlspace, where you can’t see it. It is important to keep your vents clean and free flowing.

Why are plastic dryer vents a problem?
Old corrugated plastic vents are not up to Building Code standards. Most companies will not connect your new dryer to a plastic vent because it is too dangerous. You can call your homeowners insurance company to verify this. Plastic vents cannot be cleaned because they will crack and split. These plastic vents should be replaced with smooth bore metal pipes that are safer, more efficient. and can be kept clean with an annual cleaning from Vent and Duct Solutions.

Are you a Franchised Company?
No. Vent and Duct Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that serves the greater Raleigh area.

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